About Us

Launched in 2016, JobsForNationals.com was developed to fill the talent gap between Employers and UAE National Talent across all seven Emirates. We are changing not only how Employers promote their culture, people, workplace and career opportunities but also how UAE National Job Seekers brand and professionally represent themselves; both online & offline.

As part of our mission, to facilitate job search and career growth, we have launched the JobsForNationals Academy in 2019, to support UAE National Talent with their continuous and professional development through hand-picked online and offline courses. 

Nicola Ablett - Partner Academic Outreach

Nicola is a seasoned organization development professional with 20+ years of MEAA experience. She also has extensive hands on coaching and mentoring experience with UAE National Talent at the Federal & Local Government and the private sector.

She has earned multiple certifications including PRISM Brain Mapping, Member of Career Development Institute, Certified Young Business Professional, NVQ Certified Assessor & Verifier and Certified Global Training Professional & Faculty iHRME.

Nicola's Certifications

Ingrid Kenney - eLearning Advisor

Ingrid is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the adult education management industry specifically skilled in IT system training and implementation. Skilled in E-Learning, Project Management, Process Adoption, IT and L& D technology, Organizational Development, Business Process Improvement, and Instructional Design. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a OMETDP from University of Johannesburg.